Consulting Services Offered

Program Evaluation

  • Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of programs and initiatives in higher education
  • Present international context to address system and institutional challenges
  • Provide information on best practices in higher education globally
  • Offer locally-relevant recommendations for improving outcomes

Professional Development & Training

  • Design custom training programs for university administrators and professors
  • Coordinate selection of instructors
  • Manage program delivery
  • Teach programs for senior administrators, policymakers, faculty and graduate students
  • Monitor participant engagement

Organizing Professional Events

  • Design conference, webinar and seminars
  • Develop event program selection
  • Implement program delivery
  • Select and confirm speakers and facilitators

Specializing in

Reisberg & Associates specializes in the educational innovation for institutions and higher education systems throughout Latin America. R&A has partnered with governments, agencies, and institutions throughout the region for more than two decades. Our collective and extensive experience allows us to make locally-relevant contributions as we recognize the unique advantages and challanges of the region.

Our recent work has focused on reimagining undergraduate curriculum, modernizing teaching strategies, and developing international competencies in professors, administrators, and students—initiatives that are necessary for universities to better serve the social and economic goals of national development.

“A lecture is a marvelous way to teach but a terrible way to learn."

Stephen M. Kosslyn

"If you want uniformly good, you won't get great."

Rick Miller