Professional Development & Training

We have offered workshops at a number of conferences during 2015 and 2016, including Día de la Calidad organized by the Ministerio de Educación, Las Nuevas Formas de la Educación Superior y su Possible Impacto, organized by C&W Business, THE Latin America Universities Summit, organized by Times Higher Education Global, Ltd . Workshop sessions included. “Las Ambigüidades de Aseguramiento de la Calidad,” “Internacionalización 2.0,” “El mundo ha cambiado . . . ¿Y la universidad?”


Our team designs and implements an annual professional development program for the International Federation of Catholic Universities. The program is directed towards university rectors and vice-rectors from Latin America and focuses on developing awareness and capacity in key issues for higher education including, strategic planning, faculty development, time management, internationalization, and improving the quality of teaching and learning. Past programs have been delivered in Santiago, Chile; Bogotá Colombia; and México, DF.


We collaborated with an international planning committee that advised the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the development of the annual international conference and exhibition on higher education. The annual conference theme and program were proposed to the Minister and following his approval, the Committee designed the program and invited appropriate international speakers to address an audience of university president and senior administrators.


I was invited to teach a two-week module on internationalization to professors at the Universidad de Buenos Aires as part of a professional masters program in which they were enrolled.



Reisberg & Associates designed a workshop to support the Teaching Excellence Initiative launched by the president of Taibah University. Our team delivered a two-day workshop on-site in Medina on active learning, focusing on team-based learning and peer instruction.


Our team designed, contracted experts and delivered a two-day professional development program in Tunis for 25 vice-chancellors from Francophone and Anglophone countries throughout Africa. We covered key issues for higher education today and best practices in areas including quality assurance, financial management, internationalization and international competition, and curriculum reform. The project was sponsored by the African Development Bank.


Invited by others

We are frequently invited to participate in professional development programs organized in Boston by the following organizations:


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