Reisberg & Associates

My consulting activities are dedicated to the improvement of higher education.  For me this is a broad commitment with many levels and implications. My activities include research and publication, consulting to governments, universities and international organizations, and teaching. From the work I do I learn a lot. It is a rewarding cycle of consulting and teaching, listening, observing, and learning, then building on experience to contribute more effectively and continue to learn from others.

Higher education has expanded internationally at an almost dizzying pace. Most countries have or will soon have elite institutions that produce important knowledge and cultivate extraordinary young talent. But a small percentage of the total enrollment worldwide studies at elite institutions. Policy changes during the last several decades have thrown into question the quality, relevance, and accessibility of much of higher education, particularly for students who are the first generation in their family to pursue postsecondary study. Furthermore, the “privatization” of higher education has opened the door to new actors whose participation may not be in the best interest of individuals or societies.

Recent Projects


Collaboration with the Universidade de Campinas:
Resident at the Center for Advanced Study participating in discussions with faculty and delivering a series of seminars on topics such as developing mechanisms for improving quality, challenges for improving access for underserved groups, and new thinking about pedagogy and learning. With the Reitor’s cabinet at Unicamp, designing a leadership workshop for senior officers and administrators at Brazilian universities planned for July 2012. Invited faculty for the seminar include Philip Altbach, Phil Baty, Peter Dourmashkin, Pedro Rosso, Jamil Salmi, Simon Schwartzman, and others.

A proposta é que administradores de universidades brasileiras, interessados em discutir a gestão num contexto internacional, interajam especialistas estrangeiros e, a partir de estudos de caso, discutam sobre desafios concretos que têm pela frente.

Support to the Sistema Nacional de Evaluación, Acreditación y Certificación de la Calidad Educativa (SINEACE). Member of a team organized by The World Bank to support to the SINEACE, a new agency created by law to develop and implement an accreditation scheme to improve the quality of higher education in Peru.

I have been invited to deliver a series of workshops and talks in Peru related to the complexities of building a system of quality assurance for higher education.

Saudi Arabia
Member of the Planning Committee that advises the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the annual international conference and exhibition on higher education.